Some of my favourite infographics

I have a real love of “infographics” (aside: probably the best new word of the last decade…or, uh, five decades), which are basically the “pop” version of scientific figures with no peer review (and no journal colour charges!). Here are some of my favourites. I’ll add to it as I find more.

1. The largest vocabulary in hip hop by Matt Daniels


This might be my favourite infographic of all time. Not only is it an impressive compilation of data (unique word counts in the first 35,000 lyrics of 85 artists), it’s a nicely interactive and beautifully laid-out figure.

2. Too many to mention from


FiveThirtyEight is an extremely prolific organization. I can’t keep up, which is awesome. They put out some great posts and usually accompany them with wonderful figures and graphics. I can’t really put a complete list together but that’s okay because they did it for me. Here are their 47 Weirdest Charts from 2015. One set of graphics not in this list are those from their Four Strikes and You’re Out post, which I have mentioned before. Cool stuff.

3. Wind Map of the USA from


This is an animated and live-updating surface wind map of the US. It’s a very simple concept, but totally mesmerising to sit and watch.

4. Inception explanatory graphic by Neil Laws


Inception was an awesome movie but (let’s face it) it was also hella confusing in parts. Keeping track of whose dream was within whose and which kick was which takes a couple thorough watchings of the film. Thankfully, there are a host of fun infographics to help sort this out. But I think this one by Neil Laws is the best.

5. Battle of the Bonds from GB Showplates


Since we’re on the topic of movies, this exhaustive summary of James Bond is quite something. I particularly like the rose plots of Martini consumption and the scaled crosshairs for carnage.

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