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The literal IKEA learning curve

So, we’re in the process of replacing our kitchen with an IKEA Euro-trash kitchen. This means that I have a lot of IKEA to build. It occurred to me as I built SEKTION cabinet after cabinet, each faster than the … Continue reading

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Cycling gear ratio calculator for R (or why you should just go buy a SRAM Eagle 1×12 group right now)

Don’t care about R functions? Fine then. Jump past all the code to my analysis of single ring cyclocross setups or to my analysis of SRAM’s new 1×2 Eagle group. It took the end of a bottle of Jägermeister Winterkräuter to finish this … Continue reading

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Running pace and time calculator function for R

With an upcoming half-marathon, I went looking online for a good race time and race pace calculator (of which there are some good simple ones and some more interesting ones). But let’s face it. What I really wanted was an R function … Continue reading

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CX Brakes: The obvious superiority of discs…er, cantis

Feb. 17, 2016: Lars Van Der Haar was incorrectly allocated to the canti group in the data. Shocking error, I know, but fixed now (numbers and plots updated). The effect of moving this #2 ranked rider actually served to move the canti and … Continue reading

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Four Strikes and You’re Out (from FiveThirtyEight)

This is a straight cross-post of one of my favourite articles from FiveThirtyEight. I post it here mostly so I can find it whenever I need to remind myself that baseball and statistics are both awesome and, when combined, can … Continue reading

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Triathlon swim: Starting at the pack edges and swimming like a drunk driver

This post is a near-duplicate of a post I made on my other (now private) blog about triathlon swimming. But it’s of general interest (and probably nerdy enough) to re-post here. A posted video from the very informative Adam Young … Continue reading

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