One of the tasks I most enjoy in science is making figures for publications. There is a wonderful art to visually presenting information in a simple, informative, aesthetic, and honest way. I’ve posted a few of my favourite infographics in a separate blog post.

Admittedly, I have a lot to learn about this. Regardless, I though I would post some figures up here that I’ve made over the years, mostly because it’s kind of fun. I’m always open to critical feedback or suggestions for improving my general approach (books, blogs, samples, etc.).

Here is a small portfolio of some of the figures that I’ve made for publications. There’s just one paper in here for now. More to come…

Carroll et al. 2015, PLoS One, 10(10): e0140486.

These two conceptual figures were to illsutrate the difference between a variety of metrics to measure risk to organisms from climate change, based on the velocity at which they may need to migrate to follow suitably climate habitats across the landscape.

PlosOne Conceptual Figure

Figure: Conceptual diagram contrasting four types of velocity metric used in climate adaptation planning, categorized in terms of the method and type of data used.

PlosOne Forward-Backward Figure - OPTION C

Figure: Conceptual diagram contrasting (a) forward and (b) backward velocity. Upper panels illustrate contrasts between how the two metrics are derived. Lower panels show a high resolution map of the contrasts between forward and backward velocity in mountainous terrain, as well as a diagram illustrating the source of these contrasts.